The Jones Company is an international management consulting firm, headquartered in Miami, Florida.  We serve small and mid-cap companies in structural management decisions across all departments and industries.  Our clientele benefits from our expertise in the following areas: Accounting & Tax Consulting, Advertising & Digital Marketing Management, Corporate Strategy / Organizational Design, Leadership Training, and Recruitment. 

Our current offices are in Dallas, Miami (HQ), Paris (Europe), Philadelphia, and St. Louis. 

The Mission

Our mission is to empower decision makers (entrepreneurs and c-level managers) to develop a concrete foundation of effective communication with their teams to ensure the success they deserve. 

The Team

We’re a relationship-driven consulting firm that believes in providing you and your business with personal and professional attention it deserves. Our consultants collaborate a viable working relationship that enhances your company's personality as it grows and evolves.


"The Media"

The Advertising & Digital Marketing Consulting Team