"The Media" is the marketing service function of The Jones Company.  The services we provide our clients enhance their overall marketing outlook and strategies.   Services include: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, and Videography.  The Jones Company has partnered with the most talented creative and marketing professionals to deliver unparalleled services. 

Results-Based Marketing Services

Grow brand awareness among target customers

Promote the right content to engage customers

Expand customer loyalty

Increase marketing ROI through higher conversion

Effortlessly engage potential customers and leads


Digital Marketing Services

Graphic Design & Email Marketing


Targeted Search Optimization


Social Media Management


Visual Marketing Services

Photography & Videography

"The Media" is the Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Video Production Consulting Group of The Jones Company. The group helps its corporate and individual clients in the full development of the marketing strategy and brand image. In today's market your image matters.

Click below to see the detailed services offered.  Prices for all services vary based on the client's needs and specifications for the services rendered.