"Let's get better together now.  Not some other time, but today!" -  Yonnick Jones (President of TJC)

Taking action for the greater health of your company is invaluable.  Your management team depends on your guidance and leadership. 



Your workforce defines the strength of your company. We assess new talent in your local market, seeking the most vibrant and professional intellectuals across many industries.


Leadership Training

No matter the level of your expertise, if you have to manage people, they will need a leader.  Our company provides in depth training on understanding the diversity of people management.  Experience a series of training that motivates and enhances the productivity of your work environment and your team.

Strategic Planning

How can your organization make decisions without having a strategic plan?  The Jones Company for over a decade have been planning strategically for companies across the world and for many industries. Make a real impact in your industry with the right plan.  


Sales Training

Each of us have a sales component to our business that is either thriving or only surviving.  Let our company train your sales force on how to think about selling products or services to your clients.  Relationship building is key for success in this department.  Together lets focus our efforts on your profit!

Online personality assessment

Have you ever wondered what your employees, students, partners, and investors real personality strengths are.  Well, today is the perfect opportunity to find out.  We provide clients with deeper insight into the brain of your colleagues and relationships.  Our personality assessment assesses 10 valuable characteristics: Sense of Organization, Self Motivation, Stress Management, Self Discipline, Assertiveness, Aptitude of Sales, Leadership, Pro-activity, Tolerance, and Likeness/Friendliness.

This personality assessment tool is perfect for developing the right management skills and recruiting new talent to join your team.  Contact us today to learn more.